DD303 Revision Pack 2017 


DD303 has now had its final presentation. This revision pack is suitable for the few students sitting their re-sit exam in April 2017. It is an optional resource written for students who need extra guidance preparing for the exam. Written by experienced DD303 tutors and examiners, it is 95 pages and full of revision tips and tried-and-tested exam techniques.  Please note that there are many ways to revise for an exam and our approach may not be shared by members of the module team or other tutors. Our notes are not intended to replace your own, they are simply examples of how you can approach your revision and the exam.

The exam is three hours, the exam paper is divided into three sections and the revision pack is divided accordingly. Each chapter has a descriptive ‘memory jog’ as well as a colour diagram that will hopefully trigger your memory of the main concepts. Essay - type questions, essay plans and notes on the offprints are provided for TMA chapters as well as chapters that will come up in the exam. This will help you make the links between chapters and help you grasp the module as a whole.  Notes are provided on the main methods in the module. There is also a self-monitoring chart where you can check your confidence levels as you progress through your revision.

After expenses are paid we support several charities.  These include sponsoring children through Worldwide Vision and making regular contributions to Cancer Research UK, the World Wide Fund for Nature, Battersea Dogs Home and The National Park Trust. In 2015 some proceeds will be donated to a trust fund for the granddaughters of Erika Cox who wrote the original revision pack with Professor Rob Jarman in 2002.


Student feedback on our revision packs and thanks to those who have sent it.  Also see here & here

Just to say a huge thank you for supplying the revision packs.  I have found them incredibly useful not just for organising my study, but also for emotional support. You obviously put a lot of work and thought into them . Lucette

Thanks for holding our hands in the exam. I enjoyed revising with you beside me (in book form) and the lectures you gave at revision school were very much alive and memorable. Lots of love Margo F

I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for taking the trouble to write the revision guides.  They helped me to keep the focus of my revision on the right track and put themes of the course into place as they are developed in the books. I must admit that I wrote all over the spaces around your notes and made it look such a mess but it then became my revision as opposed to something separate!  Before I was tending to see each book as separate whereas I think actually they need to be looked at as aspects of a whole by the end. Karen K.

I got the pack through today, it is brilliant, thanks. I am quite dyslexic so I have difficulty storing info in a way I can recall so this is a brilliant resource. I think it will become the center of my study and hand off it what I learn from the books and Internet. Thanks, Dave H.

You are good - the packs are brilliant! Kind regards, Lucy B

Revision pack has been a great help..Thanks Hannah D

Thank you so much for putting this together - the pack is just what I need and I have already found it useful. Take care. Sarah

Just in case there is any doubt in your mind, I am finding your revision packs really useful already, and I'm recommending them highly to my tutor. All the best .J

Thank you for doing the notes, I'm sure I'm not the only student who appreciates the work you have put in for our benefit.Thank you again, Ian S

Thank you so much for this booklet - it is amazing! Finally the course and its aims are making some sense. David T


Feeling a lot more prepared for the exam already - Many thanks again and kind regards, Sarah

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